Jim Morrison – Themis



JIM MORRISON of the DOORS inhabited the Gallery GO La Cienega boutique space. From 1969 – 1971 (just before his fateful trip to Paris) Morrison leased the space and set up a clothing boutique for his lady love, Pamela Curson….who named it THEMIS. Originally they wanted to call it “Fucking Great” but for unknown reasons, Pam settled on “Themis”, the name of the Greek goddess of divine order, law, and custom.


The boutique had odd hours, as Themis designer Tere Tereba said: “Themis was ‘incredibly exclusive’ because it was never open. You could count on one hand the times it was open.” Despite it’s exclusivity, it was filled with fanciful clothes, jewelry, and decor picked out especially by Pamela on her travels to sell occasionally. It was more of a hangout for the beautiful people. It had lots of richly colored tapestries on the walls, small mirrors and feathers on the ceiling, tie-dyed dressing room curtains, lots of candles, perfumes, incense and racks of clothes that were very European with styles that had not yet gained popularity in the U.S. Some famous people who shopped at Themis are Miles Davis, members of Three Dog Night, and Sharon Tate.