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Danish Song Bird, Maja Kuhl JeBerg debuts her first U.S. contemporary art exhibition, entitled “ALL WOMAN”, at Gallery GO.A painter and vocalist, Maja’s music and art co-mingle to bring life and passion into her art t to produce a body of work that depicts the many enchantments, disappointments, challenges, dispairs a woman might encounter on her journey.

“I’m inspired by how women move, talk, live…adapt…how they handle so many things so easily yet still fulfill the role of Lover…mom…bitch” proclaims Maja. “ I set up my canvas, put my head phones on and get lost in the music on my playlist that takes me through so many passages, memories and feelings from rage to love to dreaming… I live fullest with music through art and art through music”.

Maja was born in Denmark and graduated from the Royal Academy of Rhythmic Music in Copenhagen. She is Married to music composer /producer, Jonas JeBerg (One Step At a Time w/Jordin Sparks) . Together this creative couple inspire each other and keep life rolling fresh and interesting.