Gallery Go Press Release 2012

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Gallery GO  first contemporary art show sold-out!!

Owner-artist, Elaine Trebek-Kares unique body of work titled “BARE SOCIETY” white-on-white life size nudes attract younger, hipper collectors.

The stunning 78”x 54” acrylic sculptures on canvas are fresh and new to the art world.

“I want to make a statement and open up living spaces to attract light and air”, says Trebek-Kares also a successful marketing guru.  “My art is livable and enjoyable.  It reflects the attitude and lifestyle of the hot, young “built for success” culture.

Trebek-Kares establishes her gallery with this successful first exhibition, the collection pays tribute to Gay Marriage, the TANGO, RED-SOLED shoe designer, Christian Louboutain, the hot boutique G-STAR and the favorite, tribute to the 2nd amendment of the constitution:  nude packing a 9mm “Armed & Fabulous”.

Each work sports the sculpted nude bodies clutching a designer shopping bag from Cartier to Hermes.

Trebek-Kares  is also working on three additional commissions obtained from the exhibition.

“This first show is dedicated to our 56 Forsaken Felines at our no-kill cat shelter, adds the tall blonde artist.   The art was not for-sale…but given in appreciation for significant donations to help maintain the shelter”  Forsaken Felines is the feline division of COPPS (Coalition for Pets & Public Safety, led by designer Erika Brunson), is a high-visibility non-profit that provides spay and neutering services at no charge to the needier areas of Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

Elaine’s next show will be titled TATTOO TEMPLE….”you’ll have to wait and see how timely and amazing these pieces will be” Trebek-Kares adds excitedly.

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